Opportunity: The Four-Letter Word (That Isn't!)

“Opportunity”. It’s a word we like to use. “Success” is another one of those words. These words are often used in conversation when people are listing things that they want. Things that they hope they will achieve or be given. Sometimes they are used in a context of disdain when referencing people who have things that we do not, people who are seen as successful in business, in life or in finances. People that are where we wish we could be at this moment. We like to use the word “opportunity” as well in these contexts. We like to point out all the perceived perks and “opportunities” that those people had that we were deprived of. We like to use these words….”success” and “opportunity”…in a whimsical context as if we have no control over them. And, because we don’t believe we have control over them…we choose to release the control that we do, in-fact, have…and let success and opportunity pass us by.

Have you ever noticed that successful people are often criticized? It’s true. Those with success in business, in finances, in careers, in life…..those seem to be the people that inevitably draw comments, remarks and criticism. It’s not that these people had any particular skills that others did not. It’s not that they necessarily had benefits that were not provided to others. It’s not that they were “born into money” or “given a business”. It’s not that they were necessarily given any special treatment or assistance at all. Honestly, in a very large percentage of people who succeed, you will find that they actually started in less-than ideal environments, received no aid, worked to pay their own way and didn’t come from “means”. It’s not that they had this magical sprinkling of help...they just taught themselves how to improve and stuck with it.

So, you may be asking, “If you’re saying that anyone can strive, improve and grow….where do I start?” We’re glad you asked ;-)

Here are the Top Three Things That Rock Stars Do….(and how you can easily do them too)

1-) They Don’t Make Excuses: Everyone has the ability to make excuses. Everyone. You do not hold an exclusive patent on excuses, road-blocks, difficulties, trials, set-backs or fear. What separates the rock-stars from the rest is their ability to look at a goal or problem, create a solution, hold themselves accountable…and skip the excuses. Owning your success and your failure is a trade-mark of rock stars. However, have you noticed that these types of people often have a very low-key image of themselves? They are not trying to become Rock-Stars to impress others. They are simply striving to become a better version of themselves…to reach their own goals….to become the person they want to be. When this need to impress others is removed from the equation, it is so much easier to own your mistakes and remove the excuses. Because….you’re not performing…you’re just living.

2-) They Learn From Others: The best Rock Stars collaborate with others. They ask questions, they learn, they are open to criticism and teaching. No matter how good you are at your job…you are never the best and you’ll never know everything there is to know. When people resist coaching, opportunities to learn, or chances for growth they set themselves back. Remember point one above? You don’t have anything to prove and you have no excuses to hide behind….so ask questions, it’s ok if you don’t know the answer yet because…guess what? When you allow yourself to learn from others…you’ll get the answers.

3-) They Focus On Delayed Gratification: Successful people have developed the ability to delay gratification. They are able to endure uncomfortable, unpleasant or stressful circumstances in the present to reach the final produced result at the other end. Maybe this is a certification at work that is miserable to study for. Maybe it’s enduring a run at 4am on a rainy, cold day to stay on track with your fitness goals. Maybe it’s working multiple jobs and developing a tight budget to pay off debt. Maybe it’s choosing to skip certain things that you really want to create savings for something that you need more. Maybe it’s as simple as not allowing yourself to skip things that you know you need to do, but often skip because they aren’t fun. Rock Stars don’t make decisions based on what is easy….or fun. Successful people have had to develop the discipline of delayed gratification. You can’t get ahead without it. And yes, it’s not fun when you’re in the midst of it. It’s unlikely that any successful person will tell you that the delayed-gratification part was fun. But….you like where they are now, right? Successful people did not get magically transported to those shiny places. They did the work that others scoffed at, avoided and made excuses about. And so, now, they get to be where others are not.

As Tzu stated so well, "The journey of a lifetime starts wtih a single step...". Sometimes you need a little guidance on how to make that step, where to get started or what your vision looks like in application. That's where KD Media Works can help. From creating content, to managing your social media, to establishing on online branding presence, to creating a targeted marketing campaign to developing a marketing strategy to grow your business...we can help.

Let's Grow Together,

Kelley Dale, CPIA

KD Media Works

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